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  • Who am I?

    Hi! I thought I’d use this space to give you some more information about me. Reading someone’s resume is nice and all, but I’d like to connect with you a bit deeper than that. I’d like to share with you a little bit about my path and what has lead to me to where I am today. I was first inspired to learn more about behaviors when I worked at an inpatient psychiatric facility in my 20’s. I worked on the youth unit and wanted to learn how to teach kids who learned and behaved “outside of the box”. After getting my degree in special education, I became a special education teacher. I absolutely loved my work as an ESE teacher. I loved working with a variety of disabilities in a variety of locations. I taught self-contained, resource and co-teach classrooms. I worked in upper, middle and lower class areas. I taught 1st through 8th grades. From Orlando to Largo to the South Bronx to South St. Pete. I was single with no children which enabled me to pour my all of my time into teaching. I loved those 12 years of my life.

    My next phase of life: marriage and children. I have been married for 14 years and I am the mother to four children who keep me on my toes and very busy. They are currently ages 9, 11, 13, and 26. With two of my children, I found myself in a familiar yet different situation. I was now the parent of children who were “outside of the box”. Navigating this path is different than being the teacher. Thankfully, I could build on the knowledge I already had but now I had to learn new things, most especially about being the fiercest advocate I could be for them. This is role I continue to navigate.

    And now my current phase. Several years ago, when I was knee-deep in motherhood, my husband suggested I go back to school for counseling. I am so glad he could see this because at time I was just overwhelmed taking care of everyone else, I couldn’t even see me. And now…many years later, here I am. I know now that all of the phases I’ve had have lead me to where I am today. Helping others see the light they have within and guiding them on how to shine their light is truly my purpose. No matter what phase in life you are currently in, no matter what struggles or challenges you have, I would love to help you. You deserve to have the life you were meant to live. This world needs your light!